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May 6, 2013
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Numbuh 77's background and attitude editted by zelourera34 Numbuh 77's background and attitude editted by zelourera34
Numbuh 77's full bio i guess
Name: Carlos Jasper Alvarez / Lions Grudge
DOB: April 14,2002
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Nicknames: CJ, Carl, Jas, Lions Grudge, Leo
IQ: 17
Sector: dA (previously Php)
Position: normal operative
Nationality: half American, half Spaniard
Languages: English, Filipino, Spanish
Zodiac: Aries
Physical description: blonde spiky hair wearing short sleeved hoodie and pants with shoes similar to kuki, (but its not seen) As Lions Grudge, Destroyed outfit, super spiky hair and Red eyes (when calming down) Green
Weight: 37 kg
Religion: Christian
Sexual Orientation: none
Disorder: He easily loses control whenever he gets mad (Sickness is unkown)
~Positive: He is a friendly person and he's caring to everyone (except to 92). he's secretly smart
~Negative: he's a big complainant and noisy person and (the only thing i would like you guys to know by yourselves)
Fears: being scolded, to be killed, being hated by many people, (but when he's Lion Grudge nothing)
Hobbies: doing some DJ stuff and flirting girls that don't like him
Physical Abilities: lets just say that even i don't know
Artistic Abilities: he makes beautiful rhythms through the computer
Favourite Bands: none
Favourite Books: he hates books
Favourite Movie: The Ugly Truth Flipped
Family: Mother, Father, Grandmother, Brother (87), 34 (cause 34 lives in their house)
Type of living place: Mansion (in America currently)
Economical Class: rich
Likes: People who understand him and girls who are very beautiful
Dislikes: his own brother, break ups, biggest grudge on 92
Theme Songs: You Are The Only Exception, I've Got To Find A Way (MLP)
Relationship: 34 (ex-girlfriend) all girls except 197.5 (Syd) and 5050 (Ting)
Background: Numbuh 77 was born in Spain year in the year 2003. since he was born, he has a sickness that when he gets mad, he will became very very scary monster (not a monster, but acts like a monster) As he grow older, it gets worse and worst that every kids that will pass by their house, will run very very fast because of him. so, when he reached 4, they moved to the Philippines thinking that they can cure his sickness through the fresh air and scenery in the Philippines. they live in a mansion near Numbuh 34's house. Numbuh 34, still has long hair at that time. he watched every kid play games outside, not paying any attention to his tutor who is teaching him stuff. he remained lonely through the years. at the year 2008, a baseball broke the window where he is staring. Luckily it didn't hurt him. but he got mad because it almost hit him. Louisa tells 77 to give them the ball back. in 77's anger, he goes out of the house and throws the ball to one of 34's playmates. scolding each and everyone of them. 34, bravely approached 77 and told him to calm down. in just a few seconds, he was able to go back to his normal self. 34 introduced 77 to the world. and there he learns how to make friends. a few days later, his parents knew that he's going out to play. they banned Numbuh 77 for going out in the house. this thing lasted for a year 2 years. still he can communicate and play games with 34 because his family allowed 34 to go inside their house to calm 77. The year 2009, he became part of KND assigned in Sector Php with 34 after 34's hair was cut...
About them: Numbuh 77 is a very very talkative, musical, friendly, Air-headed jerk that flirts girls when he has free time (most likely everyday xD) when he gets mad he is known as Lions Grudge. his alternative name Lions Grudge was given by 34 because of his hair quite similar to a lion (in 34's depiction) he hates Walter because gilrs like Walter and doesn't like him. but he doesn't show that he's mad with Walter. not unless he flirst girls or hangs out with 34. he considers Lions Grudge and him to be different. sometimes, Lions Grudge would even talk to him. he says Lions Grudge wants power not appearance. sometimes, Lions Grudge tempts him to be mad so that he will appear. but 77 tries to calm down whenever 34 is there. in other words, Lions Grudge's weakness is 34. These will be the things that could describe 77:
1. Half evil
2. can be easily tempted
3. Airheaded?
4. Noisy
5. Dumb
6. Music Lover
7. Coward
8. Flirter
9. Troublemaker
10. Feeling Close
Weaknesses: 34, 76, death (but is ready to die for 34) broken hearted (mainly 34 and 77's case)
Curious facts:
1. 77's whole name came from my exboyfriend's whole name. actually he left for a good reason
2. his IQ is 17 because of focusing in flirting girls than studies
3. only operative having a girlfriend at the age of 10 in sector dA. but they broke up after 3 months.
4. only operative in Sector dA that became a villain when he becames 13. he's known as Lions Grudge as his full name as a teenager.
5. only operative that has a sickness similar to a person being mentally ill.
(i'll add more if i remember it :giggle:)
77's age summary
1-3- stays at the house
4- leaves Spain for Philippines
5- met 34
6- stayed at the mansion
7- became a KND operative
8-9- normal KND years
10- became the leader of Php (temporarily) joins Sector dA
11- enjoys the last months...
12- Traits the KND
13-14- Living as Lions Grudge, became an enemy of Teen Sector dA (fate can be changed)
77's approach to each operative he knows xD
(Daniel) "Haven't met, but i know he's the leader"
(Walter) "i hate Walter when he flirts girls in front of me. but he's a kind jerk don't worry"
(Jackyln) " i kind a hate her but she looks cute, i can't find a way to look up to her :("
(Sam) " She's the assistant leader right? whats the difference of a leader from an assistant leader"
(Gavyn) "he's too stupid, he likes books. what's cool with books!"
(Todd) " I like his jokes it makes me Laugh to the max Hahahaha"
(Avery) " Avery es bella (Avery is beautiful) , she has the looks. its just she's lame when it cames to style"
(Syd) " Shit Syd? i never expected that a jerk like her will show up in front of my face. ugh what did i said?"
(Madison) "Madison Madison Madison she's everywhere but you don't say she's attractivo (attractive) "
(Andy) " Good person i guess? ^^;"
(Preston) "Who the heck are you?"
(Shianne) " is she a girl? is she beautiful? oh my i'd like to meet this senorita"
(Victoria "413") " ella es tan elegante (she is so elegant) but her outfit has too much detail. well i understand that because i don't also wear stuff that would destroy my personality."
(Sheryl) " did she play off with her hair? i haven't seen such person having that kind of hair style."
(Adam) " alright i'm sick of this, who the heck are you!!!!!!"
(Emily) "she looks cute, but i guess if i have time to talk with her i would could really really say she's cute"
(Rider) "i never hated his guts... his name is magnifico! (magnificent)"
(Dawnie) " who are you!!!!!!!!!!"
(Victoria "97") " geez i don't even know her"
(Louisa) " la chica más hermosa en el mundo, es muy triste que me rompió el corazón, pero eso no iba a cambiar mis sentimientos por ella (The most beautiful girl in the whole world its just sad she broke my heart, but that wouldn't change my feelings for her)"
(Ayaka) " man she's the first person who wants me to do justsu whatever. she wants me to meditate which is kind a lame. but she is more of my partner in pranking season so i'm good with her ;)"
(Ting) " a girl that acts like a boy? lame i would be the first boy to hate her guts"
(Kayla) " Blondies, They are so Romantic, all i need is to meet her and it will make me so happy"
(Roderich) "for the Twenty twelfth time who the heck is this person!!!!!!!!"
Numbuh 34: [link]
Numbuh 5879: [link]
thanks for reading, hope you like it
KND (c) Mr. Warburton
Art: :iconzelourera34: ~zelourera34
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mustache-monster Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Student Filmographer

I can imagine 76 being like one of the only kids that doesn't run away and is willing to actually fight him. ;p
zelourera34 Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Student General Artist
well, he's still coward jerk. so we'll see about that.
mustache-monster Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
Ok~ But I can still imagine a fight between him and 76.
florapastel Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I find this super coincidental, I also have an OC named Carlos that transforms when he's angry : o
But he's really cool! I like all the reactions :D
zelourera34 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Student General Artist
kk thanks btw who's the carlos that you are speaking?
florapastel Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, he's not in sector da if that's what you were wondering. He's just an OC I've had for about a year that I use in regular roleplaying sometimes :3
zelourera34 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Student General Artist
ooh cool you have a link?
florapastel Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not yet. I have an unfinished drawing of him, though, and it should be up soon-ish! :3
If you're curious, I can show you his bio though.
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ok i'm quite interested though :giggle:
florapastel Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok ^^ I think it might need editing anyway though XD I'll post it when I upload him or something along those lines.
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